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Trade Marks

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The best way to stop somebody else using your company name, brand or logo is to register it as a trade mark. Once it is registered you have the legal right to stop others from using it in those countries you have a trade mark.


Trade mark registrations are vital to a company's well being. By registering a trademark you can:

  • Register with customs around the world for them to look out for counterfeit goods but the extent of your coverage depends on where your trademarks are registered
  • Get first rights on new domain name extensions around the world, in some cases just a UK registration can be sufficient for this.
  • Control who can use your brand, whether it is a distributor or retailer

UK and EU Trademark Registration


Where you register your trademark (and domain names) should reflect the countries you plan to trade in. If trade in Europe and beyond is not part of your plans then you should at least obtain a UK registration. However, as a minimum you should really be considering a European Union wide trademark registration (called a Community Trade Mark or CTM for short).
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